Hello, I'm Dr. Gvantsa

Psychologist, motivator, business coach

Let's help you live the life you want and learn how to calm yourself down quickly. 

You can change your life and Gvantsa will show you how.

Psychology is a profession aimed at defeating loneliness and equality. Here the soul is the main value. I studied in Europe for some time, wrote a book, created my page. I have been conducting online consultations for a year. Nowadays, in addition to personal consultations, I also conduct seminars, which are no less useful for the development of people, the interest of women prevails, which is quite gratifying.

As a Georgian psychologist with over 5 years of experience, I help people view their struggles in new ways and make the positive changes they have long desired., also help them of all walks of life process difficult emotions and traumas with an integrative approach and through holistic insight.

Panic attack

"Secret speech is true knowledge, so if we are dealing with true knowledge, what is the need to "secrete" it; Such knowledge must be opened, and its grace available to every person." - Rudolf Steiner Since I have this information, I decided to write a book.

There is no limit to human potential, we can do much more than we imagine, the main thing is to listen to ourselves and believe in it.

See the video and photo materials of the book presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions


I have never participated in online sessions, is it worth participating?

Yes, everything is quite simple, anyone can participate. We will provide you with detailed information. You can easily pick it up.

I have quite a busy schedule, can I participate?

 My sessions don't take long, so I don't need to change my schedule. You can easily fit the course into your schedule.

I live abroad and how can I pay the amount?

You can pay by card no matter which country you are in. If you have any problems. +995 555 54 08 99 or write to gvantsagadelia17@gmail.com. We will help you.

Can I participate from a foreign country?

Yes, online therapies have no boundaries. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Will I have to pay extra?

No. Everything is included in the full course price. We will not charge you for the purchase of any additional inventory.

I have already paid the amount, what happens next?

 Thank you very much for your trust! We will schedule a session. (If it is a course, you will be notified a few days before it starts.)

How long is each session?

45 to 60 minutes. (Session is 20-30 minutes per day.)

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