Many of us have this question in our heads. We do our work, we work hard, but still nothing comes of it. Let's divide this topic into 3 parts and discuss 3 reasons why we think this way.

  1. confusion.  A person who is confused. (Remember the movie Lucky Me with Lindsay Lohan.) He is distracted and cannot concentrate. It's like living in a parallel world. Let's give an example: you want to get into one transport and get into another. Transport is interfering. This should be normalized. You feel as if you are in a vacuum and there is another life behind the glass. He wears different things, needs something else, gets into a different transport and of course is late for the bus. Consequently, problems follow. This too first No reason to excuse. It seems that everything is working against me.
  • situations created by force. When a person creates this situation by himself, he is not right by force. 1. He went to the job interview and was not hired. 2. The negotiation failed. 3. I let the tire down again. Such a person attracts such a situation.  how does it attract  He did not want to negotiate at work. Where he gave in easily, somewhere he was more demanding or even aggressive. Unknowingly created such a situation. Why does a person do this?

a) At the subconscious level, he avoids income. Does not want to start a job or specifically this job. avoids responsibility. A person may think that he does not deserve such a large income or on the contrary, he wants much more. He is afraid that he will lose his friends and relatives due to his busy schedule, etc

In childhood, we often heard the phrase: "You can't do it." This was remembered and imprinted by the world. His mood is appropriate, his self-esteem is reduced to zero, and he enters the interview with this information. They really don't take it. During the speech, the first thought comes like this: "Well, mother or father or a friend was right." They really didn't hire me, they don't direct me, everything is set up."

c) To attract attention, a person creates an "unlucky" status. He needs the attention of his family and friends and thus shows again that he is not lucky. Unknowingly, we create situations where we are endlessly unlucky.

See what's interesting!

  • 70% – does not apply; 30%- addresses. This 30% is completely ignored and the emphasis is on “not making excuses.” Superstitions come into play. black cat; Neighbor's eye Entering with the left foot, etc. How many streets does a black cat pass, who will not run in front of them, but they believe that still "I" have remembered and developed. In this mood, he continues the day. Therefore, nothing works. It closes the negativity. He is afraid to be happy and even more so to say it out loud. A good deed should be said quietly - this is also correct, although our affairs depend on our determination and hard work, and if we want to do it properly, neither the black cat nor the eyes of the neighbor can interfere with the work.

                          Consider what our fears are related to.

confusion- with shouting and fighting. Unexpected yelling, fighting or even endless remarks by a parent or boss. For example: the child went through a puddle, the parent was in a good mood or was busy with other work and did not say anything to him, the next day the child repeated the same thing and the parent was in a bad mood, irritated and quarreled with the child. At this time, the child does not know how to act. Confused and confused. He is in the mood for bad things because he doesn't know when his parent is fighting with him. This clear fact is so keenly perceived in his mind that it also translates into greatness as a feeling of confusion and distraction. (This is one of the versions) If we transfer this example to an adult person. Imagine you are talking to a friend and suddenly someone starts shouting. They fight and shout at you. The first reaction is confusion. You don't understand what happened and why you are fighting. Then comes anger and other emotions. While giving constant notice, it is formed as well  Fear of making a mistake. If he makes a mistake, they will definitely fight and warn him. At this time there is a feeling that you are living in another world. It is difficult to control reality. A high phase of confusion begins, when things fall out of your hands, you collide with troops or a chest of drawers, etc.

The "unfortunate" have the feeling that they will always be under this sentence. The demand for stability is being formed. Chronically stable job, stable condition. No progress, no desire to develop. Development is a necessary prerequisite for success and sanity. We have to follow the times. 


  1. First of all, let's understand why we are not lucky? Isn't it because we are afraid of success, we are afraid of moving forward, because we don't know how to act after achieving success. We don't know when to stop and when to move forward.
  2. When he doesn't address me, I know my parents or guardian and therefore he shows more love, I am the center of attention in the family.
  3. We don't know what steps to take and then how to continue living in times of change.

The main thing is to understand the reason and everything will be solved.

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