If your life looks like a facade  And you are in a completely different reality.

I think we should talk.

 At first glance, my life seemed pretty good. I had a good job, a caring environment, my social network was full of travel photos and videos. According to my friends, I had everything, but I felt that this was not the life I really wanted. 

Then I realized that it was time for changes!


Hello, I'm Dr. Gvantsa

I am glad that you are joining us in the circle of confident, strong and modern women whose field of interest is self-development. We are mothers, wives, business women, teachers, psychologists, top managers, writers, singers, marketers and others. On the one hand, we are quite different, but on the other hand, we are united by common interests.

  1. We believe in our dreams and desires. We strive for improvement, but at the same time we believe that there is no magic wand to make it happen. We are not under illusion.
  2. We have great respect for modern science, but we do not reject the conclusions of ancient philosophers.
  3. We develop professionally, at the same time we remember that family and relationships are no less important.
  4. We are not radical and strive for a balanced and happy life. We want to be motivational first for ourselves, then for our loved ones and children.

   We value our time and yours, so we try to use modern Internet technologies for seminars and sessions as much as possible. Living relationships are no less important to us, so we hold meetings, which look something like this. 


A little information about me


I graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Constantly in search of new things and myself, I found that it was time to get out of the comfort zone, work and self-develop. I couldn't be productive in a field that didn't spark a strong interest in me.

After changing many professions, I found myself in psychology and coaching, which is a new wave, and I have already made it a daily activity. Psychology is a profession aimed at defeating loneliness and equality. Here the soul is the main value. I studied in Europe for some time, wrote a book, created my page. I have been conducting online consultations for a year.

Nowadays, in addition to personal consultations, I also conduct seminars, which are no less useful for the development of people, the interest of women prevails, which is quite gratifying. A coach is the one with whom a person can find true desires, transform them into goals and get maximum results with minimal intervention.

"If you don't do some thinking, this is where it starts to drive you."

"Become what you want the world to be."

"The card that was dealt to you cannot be changed, but how you play your hand is up to you."

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